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Hi, my name is Jay "Byrd" Bryant.

I am a proud 26-year Air Force Public Affairs retired veteran.  I faithfully and willfully served my country from August 1981 until September 2007.  There is no greater honor than to know that during my service I protected my country, my family and our way of life here in the United States.  Being in the military, no matter what branch, is a privilege and commitment shared by each man and woman who wears the uniform.  There is a brother-sisterhood bond that transcends the boundaries of race, color and religion;  it is one common goal - to keep America free!

My bodybuilding contests are dedicated to the brave men and women who continue to keep our shores and borders - and us - safe.  I salute my brothers and sisters in arms - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Reserves!  ROCK ON!!

I've been competing in amateur bodybuilding in the DC, MD and VA area since 1999.  Bodybuilding and healthy living is my passion - what's yours?  If you don't have one - get one!  Because a person without passion is a person without a life!

The Greatest risk in life ... is not taking one!

My hobbies include reading, writing and arithmetic!  I am also a skilled photographer on the side.  I specialize in weddings, receptions, family portraits and personal portfolios.

Diet Plan

1 Dozen Egg Whites with an occasional slice of Wheat Bread

Chicken Breast & Vegetables (Collard Greens or any green veggie)

Tuna & Vegetables

Afternoon Snack
Turkey & Vegetables

Fish & Vegetables

You can eat four meats: Chicken Breasts, Fish, Turkey, and Tuna! You can substitue any of them for any of the four meals listed above. Sometimes you can splurge and have sliced, lean beef.
Eat all of the green food and vegetables you want: Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Green Beans, Green Peas, Broccoli, and also Cauliflower.
Stay away from: Bread, Rice, Spaghetti, Pasta, French Fries, and all other high carb foods.


Supplement Daily Amount
Chromium Picolinate 600 - 800 mg
Yohimbe Bark 500 mg
B6 & B12 1000 mg
Promax Protein Drink 250 grams daily
Multi-Vitamins -
Potassium -
Ripped Fuel -

You must maintain this diet for a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks.  You will lose serious body fat and calories.
Track your progress on a weekly basis.

That's it!  Good Eating!

Workout Plan

Monday:  Chest & Triceps

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Bench Press 95 Lbs. (straight bar) 6 - 8 4
Incline Press 95 Lbs. (straight bar) 6 - 8 4
Bench Flies 25 - 30 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Dumbell Pullovers 35 - 45 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Tricep Extensions 15 - 20 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Tricep Kickbacks 15 - 20 Lbs. 8 - 10 4

Tuesday:  Back & Biceps

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Upright Rows 35 Lbs. (straight bar) 6 - 8 4
Bent-Over Rows 95 Lbs. (straight bar) 6 - 8 4
Seated Cable Rows 70 - 80 Lbs. 6 - 8 4
Alternating Dumbell Curls 25 - 35 Lbs. 6 - 8 4
Concentrated Curls 25 - 35 Lbs. 6 - 8 4

Wednesday:  Legs

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Leg Press 150 - 185 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Squats 135 - 150 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Leg Extensions 45 - 75 Lbs. 8 - 10 4
Leg Curls 35 - 50 Lbs. 8 - 10 4

Thursday:  Shoulders

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Military Press 45 Lbs. (bar) 6 - 8 4
Alternating Dumbell Press 25 - 35 Lbs. 6 - 8 4
Front Plate Raises 20 - 25 Lbs. (plate) 6 - 8 4
Front Dumbell Raises 15 - 20 Lbs. 6 - 8 4

Friday:  Burn Day or "No Work-Out Day"

Take any two exercises from each of the previous four days, drop to minimum weight, increase reps by 15 - 20 and burn (stimulate) the muscles to grow. Do not work out during the weekend unless necessary. If you don't include any leg work out on burn day, then you may work your legs during the weekend.

At the end of entire work out do 2 sets of 3 - 5 reps of Wide Grip "BEHIND OR IN FRONT" Pull Ups!!  Try to raise your legs even with your waistline (straight in front of you).  Progress until you can do at least 10 after workout (after six weeks).  This exercise will expand your laterals, shape your back and decrease your waist.

In order to see a difference for your efforts three things are essential:  SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-MOTIVATION & CONSISTENCY.

Don't forget to take all of your body measurements before beginning this work out.  Make sure you track your progress and take another measurement after six weeks.  You should see a difference!!

Good Luck & Press on ...

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